Keeping your brand relevant means keeping up-to-date on upcoming marketing trends. Here are six marketing trends explained…

  1. Social media as a channel, not a

    Social media is a useful channel to communicate directly with your customer, as well as receive insightful information about your customers’ interests and likes. However, your social media strategy should be a part of a more holistic marketing mix. Coupling offline and online communication will allow your brand’s messaging to have a stronger impact on your customer.

  2. Relationship marketingRelationship-marketing..jpg

    While it’s important to convert leads into sales, focusing on customer loyalty and long-term engagement will in turn lead to higher retention and new customer acquisitions. So how do you keep these relationships strong without constant communication? This leads to our next trend…

  3. Marketing automation

    Marketing automation makes it Marketing-automation..jpgpossible to sent personalised content that is specific to different customers needs and challenges. Marketing automation makes repetitive communication efforts across multiple channels breeze. However, you have to know how to utilise it correctly in order to increase efficiency and improve engagement. Using the correct software and with the correct strategy, marketing automation makes it easier to keep up one-on-one personalised relationships with your customers.

  4. Less is moreLess-is-more..jpg

    This marketing trend calls for minimalism and simplicity with messaging and graphics. A more modern and clustered generation will only receive messaging if it is direct; they don’t have time to read through buzzwords and busy graphics.

  5. Content is still king

    While some marketers will give up because they are not seContent-is-still-king..jpgeing short-term results, content marketers that are in it for the long-term know the value of quality content. Content is not just a bonus, it’s essential80% of business decision-makers choose to learn more about your company through a series of articles written by the company versus an advertisement.

  6. Big data is queenBig-data-is-queen..jpg

    Social media is a fountain of big data about your target audience; however 70% of companies are still not collecting big data from social channels. Knowing your customer is the first step in creating meaningful connections with them.