It’s Red Tomato’s favourite time of the year – trade show season! Make sure your brand is a hit by having a great branded giveaway at your booth. Check out our list of the best trade show giveaways thus far in 2016!

It’s tradeshow season in Australia and that means being prepared! We provided our complete trade show checklist to get you and your team ready, but we want to make sure that the giveaways you have planned for the big day are prepared to accurately and creatively accomplish your goals. To start, we want to showcase Red Tomato’s favourite giveaways from this year’s trade shows to give your team some ideas.

 Promotional products are all about picking the right merchandise for the right occasion. You want to be creative, but you also want to engage booth visitors in a way that will accomplish your trade show objectives. To do this, you need to know the why and the how of your giveaways. Why are you choosing that product and how is it connecting your brand with your booth visitors to accomplish your purpose.

 Deciding on promotional products stems from your trade show objectives. Are you trying to build your email database? Generate brand awareness? Increase social media exposure? Launch a new product? Sell a new product the day-of? For each purpose, here are Red Tomato’s 2016 favourites for trade show giveaways:

 Build email database

The first step in collecting emails to grow your list is to actually get people to visit your booth. The classic, and very effective, way to draw people to your booth? A confectionary product. A branded bag of chocolates or other sweet is a great way to bring visitors to come and chat at your booth. While they’re there, have them jot down their email.

 Generate brand awareness

 Want to make your brand stand out the day of the trade show? Our favourite trade show giveaway we saw this year was a brand that created a “sea of blue”. Before the event date, they sent out branded blue t-shirts in the mail with the incentive to wear the t-shirt to the trade show in order to receive a free gift at the booth.

 The result?

A “sea” of people at the trade show wearing the same, easily identifiable, t-shirt; generating curiosity and interest about the brand behind them.

 Increase social media exposure

 Was one of your trade show objectives to vamp up your social media presence? We love this idea: hold a giveaway that is a tech-savvy product, such as a branded powerbank. To enter the competition and receive the gift, booth visitors can either:

  • Like your brand’s Facebook page
  • Check-in at your booth
  • Place their business card into a lucky draw prize

Why a power bank? Giving away a power bank for cell phones at your booth will show visitors that your brand knows what they need and can provide it the exact moment. Plus, in a crisis moment of a phone battery low with no outlet, your brand will be top-of-mind when they are saved by your power bank giveaway.

 Launch a new product

 Is your goal for the trade show to launch a new product and to have an informative booth that revolves around that new product? Why not give away a credit card USB? This contemporary and chic product combines both technology and utility, and provides a great branding space for your graphics. The best part about it is that if you’re launching a new product you can pre-upload the catalogue to the USB.

 Sell a new product

 If your goal of the trade show is to actually make sales, than a discount or a free gift is a great way to incentivise booth visitors. Offer a special “trade show discount”, or include a gift with purchase when the visitor places their order that day.

 The most important step to deciding on a branded product to giveaway at your company’s booth is deciding your objectives of the trade show. What is the call-to-action you want to achieve with the giveaway; is it generating brand awareness, growing your email list, entering booth visitors in a competition, or a different goal?

 From those objectives you can decide on a promotional strategy to achieve them and to make your trade show presence a success. Do you have any favourite promotional merchandise that you’ve seen so far in 2016? Share your memorable products in the comments below, and don’t forget to share this post!