Client: Pirtek.

The Pirtek Fishing Challenge is the largest fishing challenge in the world. It is open to all anglers in all regions of Australia and has raised over $500,000 for charity. 


The Pirtek Fishing Challenge needed a unique piece of merchandise to entice competitors to visit and “like” their Facebook page. The item needed to be a casual product with a digital edge to draw a laid-back target audience to be an online Pirtek fan. The Pirtek Challenge also needed a strategy to monitor the increased engagement generated from the campaign.

Product: Tagged Hats


The Red Tomato team set to work 12967894_702670466501994_7008340776058227405_oon brain storming ideas that would suit the demographic, specific purpose and time frame of the campaign. Through this process, we were able to develop the perfect combination of technology and product – a fishing hat with a swing tag imprinted with a QR code directing to the Pirtek Facebook page.


Upon entering the competition, competitors received the free Pirtek branded hat. The person scanning the QR code on the swing tag was sent directly to the Pirtek Facebook page. The number of scans were digitally monitored and Pirtek’s Facebook likes increased throughout the duration of the campaign; helping to increase competitors’ loyalty through a branded gift while also growing the Pirtek’s online fan base. The tagged hats generated competitor engagement even when the Fishing Competition was not running.



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