It’s our 10-Year Anniversary! Here at Red Tomato we believe the best way to celebrate a milestone is with a gift, so we’re sharing a list of 10 of our favorite innovative, effective, unique, and affordable products to celebrate your company’s milestone:

  • Innovative

Is your brand cutting-edge and always staying ahead of the trends? Here are some promotional products to portray your innovative brand to your customers:

DronesWireless Mouse, PowerbanksSmart WatchBluetooth Speakers.

  • Effective

Keep your promotional gifts sweet and simple with these classic and effective products:

CapsKey rings, medallions, lapel pin.

  • Unique

Make sure your brand is not just another face in the crowd. These products will make your unique brand stand out:

Magic Shapes, Powerbank CompendiumsCustom USB, Video Business Cards.

  • Affordable

Stay under budget by gifting your clients these affordable, yet effective, promotional products:

Coffee CupsConfectioneryPens.

Share the celebration with your customers with the gift of a promotional product.

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