Here at Red Tomato we love celebrating anniversaries. 2016 is our anniversary year and to celebrate we are sharing 10 ways to commemorate a company milestone:

  1. Special logo – Create a logo that celebrates your milestone and compliments your existing logo.
  2. Anniversary promotional products – Celebrate with your clients by send out a corporate anniversary gift , accompanied with a personal message and branded with your special anniversary logo.
  3. Website – Decorate your website to celebrate your company’s milestone.
  4. Content – Produce a historical timeline booklet or video that tells the story of where you started to where you are now, and that showcases milestones along the way.
  5. Launch a new product or service – Use the opportunity to celebrate a company anniversary with your clients with a new service or product launch.
  6. Highlight tenured employees – Showcase your appreciation for employees that have been with you since your beginnings.
  7. Have a Celebration – Host a party for your clients: a reception, cocktail party, or picnic.
  8. Sale or promotion – Offer an anniversary special for your existing and new clients to share the celebration with them.
  9. Donation – Use this opportunity to give back to the community.
  10. Host a contest – Hold a competition for new and potential clients with the prize being your company’s anniversary promotional product.

Remember to target all stakeholders in your company to celebrate your milestone with you: new and tenured employees, retirees, community members, and new and existing clients.